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Three finals today... two of which were two hours long, and the other was a performance final (Flute Choir). Tomorrow I just have my private instruction exam, but it is probably the worth of my finals.

On the flute I'll have to:
1. Play through all Major scales at 120bpm through the entire range of the flute.
2. PLay through all Modes of all Major scales (again 120bpm, and through the entire range)
3. Play through all the Harmonic Minor scales.
4. Play through all modes of all Harmonic Minor scales.
5. Play through all triads in every Major and Hamonic Minor scales.
6. Play through all forms of triads (broken thirds, broken fourths)
7. Play a level 5 solo.
8. Play a level 5 etude.
9. Bribe my teacher because I'm about half skrewed.
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