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HAHAH! I'm going to disapoint you!

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Yeah, so I know you are all expecting another one of my long posts right here, but...you won't find one.

On the other hand, if you would like a preview of what I'm working on for you guys, then you can view it here: Concurrency [PDF]
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Ok so I'm doing a small diagnostics reporting thing for work and go to instantiate the logging class and start firing off my logs.


Great.. somebody that didn't read Washu's article! So now I'm sitting here ripping through the code coverting this piece of junk from a singleton.


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I like the look of the article Washu [smile]

Didn't have time to read it to-the-letter, but from a scan read I'll definitely be having a look through the final one...

Any chance of you adding diagrams to it? I've done a fair bit of concurrency stuff in (and out of) university and the best explanations I've seen for locking/scheduling (and the likes) have been complemented by good diagrams. Just a thought, mind.


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Looks like it will be good. It's simple, which is a must with today's generation of coders, it covers the major points, which is all the intended audience will ever be able to grasp.

Change the name of the "Dictionary" to "Glossary", a dictionary would include a pronunciation key as well as etymology.

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