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## *yawn*

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I've nothing better to do, so i thought i'd update this thing. I mean, I paid money for it afterall, right? Might as well put it to good (or not so good) use.

I changed hosting services on my website today. Switched from Lunarpages to DreamHost. Lunarpages was oftentimes slow, and the lack of an SSH shell was very unappealing to me. Though their control panel is damn sexy. DreamHost allows some nifyt stuff for a bit more scrap (that's laz talk for monies), but the backend blows arse and some of the way they do things is rather stupid. Like adding an email address. I added "nick@lameware.com" and it assigned a username of like, m48476253 or something. But I still log in using nick@lameware.com. wtf. I hope I don't regret cancelling my hosting services with Lunarpages...

So I have a dentist appointment tomorrow. Not looking forward to it. I wouldn't mind so much if I didn't look like a southern hilbilly when I smiled, but hey, now that I can afford a dentist, might as well fix that, right? I just hate the poking and prodding. No, not afraid of dentists. I just hate the sting they take their little metal pick of theirs and touch it in just the right spot on the tooth that makes you want to reach up and knock the shit out of the dentist. The dentist called my roommate and had to reschedule his appointment, so we ended up having them on the same day. His is at 8:30am tomorrow and mine is 1:30pm. So we're going to be doing lots of sitting around. At least we both have PSPs to keep us company, and with a little intarconnactivity between the two we can play Untold Legends. Or I can whoop his arse at Lumines. I plan on buying Mercury tomorrow too, but that's for another paragraph. (new thoughts = new paragraphs. Remember your english class, childrens?)

So I plan on buying Mercury tomorrow.

Wow what a thought. No, seriously. I live in a small ass town in Washington that consists of one street (literally. This town has a convenice store right next door to a bar, and a hardware store/restaraunt in one. You can shop for nails while you wait for your burger. Or is it the other way around?). But anyway, I digress. So the nearest store that sells anything close to electronics is Walmart, which is a 45 minute drive away (or an hour drive if you're cruising in my 1966 Chevrolet C-10 Stepsite Pickup Truck [much love <3]). Ever since the release date of Mercury i've checked with them at least once a week. But noooooo they never have it. Fucking walmart, I hate that place. So tomorrow after our dentist appointment we're going to Spokane. Maybe there will be a store somewhere around there that will have Mercury.

um. I ran out of thoughts.

Want to hear a joke? Thought so.

What od "Tulsa" backwards? A SLUT!

hur hur hur. And what is a slut backwards? $50 EXTRA!

har!!! I actually told that joke to someone once and when I asked the second part, she replied, "Your mom"

I nearly died laughing. That was great. The end.
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If you think waiting for PSP games is hard, imagine waiting for DS ones. The next time they come out with a really good DS game, I'll be eligible for social security.

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