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Alright well, here is an attempt to resubmit the post that I was working on the other morning. Let's see if I can get this posted this time :)

Here is a summary of my current projects:

Phoenix & Myrrh

Phoenix is the name of the 2D engine that I am currently working on and Myrrh is the editing suite that will acompany Phoenix.
The whole concept is to have an abstract editor that allows for custom object and entity creation through abstraction and polymorphism through a python interface. Users will be able to create objects from base classes, as well as create their own custom classes. Myrrh will have a simple click and drag interface that will allow for scenes to be created and objects placed throughout the 2D worlds. The engine will use custom modules to load information created with Myrrh, which will use a custom file format to store all resources in a single or multiple module files.


Conquest For Love is a game that has been in developement for over a year. It's currently a library which was developed for use in a text engine, but I have plans of using DirectX and Ogre to create a game in a 3D world. I'm fairly happy with where this has gone and will continue working on it throughout the next year.

This is a fairly short post compared to the inital one, but it gets the point across. I have barely began to explore Ogre but it seems very promising for rendering.

I've spent the better part of the past two days playing Jade Empire. It seems to use the exact same engines as Knights of the Old Republic, but I like the action RPG style of this game much more. I also like the story better as well. I've probably spent ten hours playing it the last two days, which has caused me to get no development time in, but what do you do. Keep playing is what I'll probably do. Not since Fable have I been so interested in a game. Another reason I think I'm interested is that the plot of the story is similair to a story idea that I had years ago, and I always thought it would make a great game. Turns out it does, and it's great to see philosphy in games, I don't think I've seen that enough. Well, back to JE I suppose. I plan on spending some time getting a code base up for C.F.L.3D sometime this week, and I'll share that with everyone once I do.

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