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Psycho update

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Stuff to do for Psycho Boy 3D:

- make story mode where the level is loaded from a file instead of randomly generated.
- Improve onscreen text, making it antialised. Found a good NeHe tutorial for this here.
- Add sound effects: easy enough
- Add music: difficult, I need some MOD music for it to keep the file size down but I'm utterly talentless when it comes to tracking.
- Add an online highscore.
- Improve textures: they have 'programmer art' written all over them. Maybe I should try something other than MS paint.
- Add some special effects, hence the fire demos.
- Add save game.
- Add all the objects for the halloween stage that was originally in the game design doc.
- Fixed that bastard bug with rundll32 using up 100% cpu after exitting.
- Revamp the main menu.

I think thats about it. I'm graduating in 3 weeks so then I'll actually have time to do it. At the moment I'm in revision hell. joy. Thankfully my uni has decided to extend this semester so it'll be a week before my first exam (of three, bah).

In other news: it's my burfday on thursday (also election day for the UK, vote or I'll cut you) so send that caek this way and that obligitory PBF comic strip.

Also saw Hitchhikers guide yesterday. I thought it was good whatever dem pundits say. Sure, its been messed around and hollywoodised to an extent but they kept the sense of humour and the cast was quite good. except the vogon constructor fleet wasn't yellow, I mean c'mon that was a genius bit of cruel irony.
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Yeah, true. I completely understand that he had to change the storyline to fit it into a film format and I think he's done well. It's been a long time since I read the books though, I'll have to track them down.

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