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Press Start to play!...Oh wait, your controller is broken

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Those at 1d productions have said they could help me out with a new project I want to do. I basically want to expand on my Asteroids idea, but instead of doing just an asteroids game, doing a space adventure game.

So here is what I have so far:

Game name: Atlas

Game type: Space Adventure game

Graphics: OpenGL. 2D sprites texture mapped onto quads.

Everything else: DX

EDIT: I probably will stick with Allegro for this one, given my experience with it. I want this to be the best game possible, and I'm not sure I have the ability to do that with OpenGL.

I may start this tomorrow, but I will have to get some good pixel art before doing any testing.

The game basically is like a big expansion onto Asteroids. Kindof like the old game Gravitar, which allowed you to go in bases and blow them up.

Should keep me occupied for awhile.[smile]
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