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Side Project: Game Template Library

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Stephen R


Come one! Come all! See the bearded woman, the man who feels no pain and the fetal game library!

My new side project is this library. I spent a two days rigging up the first release and three days working on the web site, so that should tell you how immature the library is. This is the result of an off the cuff comment by a guy I know about wanting more libraries like the STL, and its relevence to some other things I'm working on.

I'd be very surprised if anyone gets any practical use out of it for a while, but I wanted to get it up and open to public criticism. I also wanted to see what the response will be to it as it grows more fully featured.

This and the educatrix are my two current projects. The GTL should see quite frequent releases, since so much has to be added and adding components isn't that much work. The educatrix still has a bit of design work left to be done, then I'm going to rig up a site for it aswell and get to work on coding it up.

So, me or one of my many attractive assistants will be waiting on the line to take your comments or suggestions. For every comment you make I will personally guaranty you a place in my new world order.
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Interesting idea. I took a look at it and think it's pretty interesting, quite like an extension to the STL. Try putting it to use in a small project and see where it goes.

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Thanks for the comment. You shall be granted with 4 thousand gold quatlooms and reign over 20 families in my new world order.

And thats basically what I was going to do. I know the code isn't perfect by a fair bit, but I'm just building up a code base at the moment which I can polish.

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