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Today has been a good day

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I don't have anything technical/clever to post this evening, but I am planning on something. Something that you people reading this will be the first to have a look at - and if you like it, I'll show everyone else as well. Stay tuned [smile]

Anyway, what I was going to post about...

I'm not going to be homeless in 4 months time!!!!!!!!

Not that I'm homeless right now, mind!!. Just the University of Nottingham (where I'm doing a degree in CompSci) finally gave me a concrete offer of a room in halls next year.

It's been a long, stressful and difficult few months that I'll spare you the details of... but I'm hoping you, wherever you are on this planet, can here the sigh of relief [grin][grin][grin]

In other news, I got my Sony CyberShot S90 Digital Camera through the post today. GBP187 of investment that I'm gonna go mess with for a bit...

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Think of the bright size, when you're homeless, you'll be able to take pictures of people forified by your presence!

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Ah, but given that I'm not gonna be homeless... maybe I can switch it round the other way - take pictures of real homeless people? [looksaround]


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