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Journey into a 3D world

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Call me Ishmael
Sorry, being my first Journal entry I just felt the urge to make that the first line for some reason.

I have long been a fan of 2D games and as much as I have struggled to continue developing 2D games, the time has come to move to 3D. I am still going to develop 2D games of course, such as Dawn of Daria (Shameless plug), but I am in need of learning 3D programming aswell if I plan to do this for a living. I have been programming since I was about 8, starting with GWBasic, and I moved to C++ about 6 years ago in 1999. I have also dabbled in x86 Assembly and ARM7 Assembly for the Game Boy Advance.

Since I started learning C++ I have made the usual steps in programming, Hello World, Console Game, MUD, Win32 Game, 2D DirectX, etc. I also experimented with several librarys before learning DirectX including Allegro and SDL. I plan to post my experiences and links to sites/documents that help me in this move from 2D to 3D. I hope that my journey to 3D will help others that make the same trip.

See you next entry.

Lead Programmer
Dawn of Daria
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Thanks guys, been wanting to join GDNet+ for a while now.
Dunno why I waited so long, its good to support the site thats helped you through the years :D

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GDNet+ people are nice

And thanks about the DoD comment, were working pretty hard to get it out as soon as we can (Not sacrificing quality of course) as the community is getting tired of waiting

Eh, I removed the E because..eh..some..*mumble*..
*Mad edit*
Of course its spelled Journey, thats what I have everywhere... [looksaround]

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