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Noaktree is my newest bestest friend

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In a comment a few days ago, he said that he thought that Duck Tiles was better than the current darling of online game sites, Diner Dash.

And that makes me feel good inside. I made something really good. I played Diner Dash about a week ago. It was cute and I thought that the game action mirrored the "real world" theme perfectly, but I thought it was just lacking somewhere. I uninstalled before hitting the 60-minute limit, and I didn't feel compelled to buy the thing.

Anyway, it's a bit like the scene in The Fountainhead in which the hero designs a set of townhouses (for a fraudulent builder, but that's a subplot unto itself). Shortly after the job was complete, the hero was sitting a few blocks away admiring his handiwork when someone happened by and admired the houses, unaware that he was talking to the designer.

Okay, it's not quite like that, and my life's not nearly as shmaltzy as an Ayn Rand novel, but having my work recognized by people who enjoy it is more important to me than having it recognized by folks only interested in its marketability.
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Your game rocks! Good work! [smile]

[edit] I feel like I should give an acceptance speech or something. [grin] [/edit]

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I know a few folks who have played my games (since they are available for free online), and the greatest satisfaction I get is when somebody tells me that they played my game (whichever game that is) for hours and hours, and were unable to stop themselves.

i.e. I like people who get addicted to my games.

(and it is better for me if these are "normal" people... where "normal" means "not a game developer")

even my most recent offering, Snake! has a small following of at least two people... a coworker of mine and his wife have "races"... they both start the game at the same time, with exactly the same settings, and whoever lives for a longer period of time is the winner of the race.

And Snake! was nothing more than an exercise to explore the use of the PopCap Game Framework. Well, and I had never made a snake game before, so I wanted to make one.

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