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My stupid brother (again)

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In Oregon I have a car (A crappy dodge spirit). Since I'm going to college over here in Boston, my dear brother is driving my car. No big deal, right?



Now, granted it was a piece of shite before hand, but what about it now? My parents say that the car actually doesn't look to bad. None of the windows are broken out, the frame isn't bent, but it is a little scratched...

'How did he manage this?' I asked. Evidently he was going 25mph and rolled it in a deep ditch on the side of our gravel road. So it landed on its wheels, and everything was okay (besides the front left which was a little beat up...)

AND IT STILL DRIVES!!! All the lights work, all the doors work, all the windows work, the trunk still opens, and the list goes on!

Apparantly the only thing wrong with it is the front left panel.

So even though it rolled, when I get home I get my car back.
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Get him to pay for the body work, or do body work on him yourself.

Seriously though, all of those K-frame Chryslers and Dodges are invulnerable to physical harm.

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Lol, wow. I think your car and your brother are pretty lucky (I guess), but you are not lucky for having someone roll your car in the first place. Those gravel roads can be dangerous.

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