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The Spinning Cube

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When shall we three meet again
In thunder, lightning, or in rain?
- William Shakespeare, Macbeth

The first thing I had to do was decide what API I would use. Since I had already gotten used to DirectX I was going to use it, but decided to look into OpenGL anyway. I wandered over to neHe and read over a few tutorials and the syntax was easier for me to understand. Now I am going to learn OpenGL before Direct3D and OpenGL is also cross-platform wich is handy as ive been using Linux alot recently. Though you may like DirectX better, the choice is up to you.

Now where to start? The "Hello World" of 3D of course! The spinning cube. NeHe has alot of good OpenGL tutorials and thats where I will be getting most of my information while learning the ins and outs of 3D/OpenGL. As I learn I will also be making a library of functions to help me out (As I usually do when learning something new) along the way. Of course I usually end up re-writing them later when im more experienced :P

So here it is, my Spinning Cube:
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Ah, I remember my first spinning cube (Direct3D). I thought it was cool, but I just gave up and went to 2d (I started with 3d, I'm an idiot).

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Though you may like DirectX better, the choice is up to you.
Excellent. Since it's up to me I want you to use DirectX instead. [smile]

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Hehe, I ment whatever API you choose to use [lol]
I might have picked DirectX if neXe had some of its old tutorials uploaded to its new Wiki.

Of course theres [google] but I just like series of tutorials made by the same people, that way you dont have to go through 3 or 4 tutorials to try and find something that another tutorial didnt mention.

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