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I love elections. In fact, I'm having one right no

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Evil Steve


Peh, It's 00:45, and the election is on 3 of 5 terrestrial channels. It was on 4 of 5 channels earlier. Peh.

In other news, I finished my particle system editor. I'll try and remember to add it to my GD showcase (although I don't know if it counts :P). I have a few nice presets now, such as a blob of plasma, a plasma stream thing, and your standard fire.
I'd still like to optimize it somehow with a vertex shader, but that'll mean less configurablity. If it's a fire effect though, it doesn't matter too much, and I shouldn't have any problems doing that in a shader.

And I'm not sure about the D3D RichEdit anymore, after I heard about glyph shaping. And I'd probably get fed up after a day or so :P

I still need to get my damn MUD up and running. I might just cop out and make it into a crappy chat room, and I'll make a few different clients so you can have it running silently in the system tray, like MSN or something.
I also made a crappy D3D framework, which should make my life slightly easier in the future. I want to make my classes more useful though, for example I'd like to make my vertex buffer class act like the CRT in the way it check buffer overruns in debug mode, and I could do with an index buffer and propper texture class.

I got an e-mail yesterday about a coding job in Edinburgh, so I sent my CV off to the address in the E-mail, and requested acknowlegement of it's recipt. Still nothing. I should really phone the guy up tomorrow morning and see if the job's still open. I could really go for a coding job...

Oh, and here's something I knocked up in 10 mins with PHP. It might just say my PC is switched off, since I'm heading to bed shortly:
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