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Meet Triangle Man

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The Time Traveller (for so it will be convenient to speak of him) was expounding a recondite matter to us.
- H.G. Wells, The Time Machine

Well I couldnt sleep so I started tinkering around in my IDE.
With only the OpenGL knowledge from Lesson 1-6 on NeHe I created a little map/player system. There is Tile-Based movement that you control with the arrow keys on your keyboard. You cant go off the edge of the map and there is tile blocking for the water.
Maybe I should go make one of those "LETs M4kE a uBAR MMoRpG!1!eleven" topics in Help Wanted [lol]

This is "Triangle Man". He has his own little world. It has water and grass. He is happy with his grass and water. Ignorance is bliss.
Hehe, sorry if I seem strange but this is what im like after 1AM.
Its about 1:30 now [smile]

I was actually somewhat taken back by this as it looks ALOT like my first attempt at 2D Tiles, except the player was a Stick Man and it wasnt as cool because this is 3D.
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Ok Mr. 2D. That's a pyramid not a triangle. I like They Might Be Giants too but it's time to face reality. [smile]

Looking good!

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Well he is made of 4 Triangles. [looksaround]
Eh.. Im still gona call him Triangle man [lol]

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torus man wades into the fray... sphere man rolls away in fright

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