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What's to come from nothing?

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Rob Loach


I just watched Thirteen and thought it was pretty crazy. To sum it up for those of you who have yet to see it, it's about an young innocent girl who joins a new social group of friends and gets into drugs, alcohol, sex and attempted suicides. I don't remember knowing any girls like that when I was that young, nor do I wish to have any daughters who grow up like that. I think the big problem in that family was the seperation of the father and mother. That has got to be a horrible thing to go through. I also picked up yet another quote to put into my favourite quotes archive:

"You know, if everybody married someone from a different race, then in one generation, there would be no prejudice."
- Thirteen

It makes me think of my current situation in life. Lately I've been goofing off, I guess I've been calling it a vacation from everything. I do have some job interviews coming up, but I haven't done anything constructive for the money situation or my social life in about two weeks...... I really need to get out more often.

Random Interest

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I have a feeling that movie is more exagerrated then it is in real life...

Unless I am totally out of the loop.

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Oh come on, everyone needs a pan flute. Or at least some kind of flute. How else are you going to become a kung fu master like Kane?

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I have a feeling that movie is more exagerrated then it is in real life...

You would hope so [smile], and for effect it probably is. I might be getting it muddled up... but isn't this the film that was actually scripted/directed/whatever'd by one of the 13yr old girls who actually stars??

I saw the film a while back - disturbing yet strangely intriguing viewing I thought. The ending of the film really made me want to hit one of the characters [wink]

On another note... Rob - can't we have some more pictures of good looking women as the "Random Interest" picture. That last one was a lot better than something about flutes [smile]


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[grin] Haha! Good one EDI!

And about the movie, I remember watching a behind the scenes documentary about it on IFC (independant film channel). It was pretty interesting. I do think much of it may be exaggerated (makes better movies) but I don't know, girls go through a lot of stuff that us guys havn't a clue about. My mom once told me a few things of her teen life and it could have made it into that movie I'm sure.

Catherine Hardwicke directed the movie (not a 13 year old :)).

EDIT: Oh, and the guy who does the musical scores "The Shoot Out" and "Hit Me" for the movie, is the same guy who does the music for Nickelodeon's Rugrats. That's funny!

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Dude!! this week's naruto was awesome!!11

My GDNET+ should be back by next week and finally I too need to get my a** in gear.

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