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Get sumpin for nuthin

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Haven't done a goldurned thing on Bulldozer Deluxe recently, as I've been doing CivilGrrl stuff.

So I'm opening up the floor for an official "free for all" thread. What I need is a name for the new game. Basically it'll be an uber-Bulldozer (aka Sokoban) game with all of the levels from the previous three games (180) plus a couple-hundred new original levels developed for the game itself.

The new name's gotta have the word "Bulldozer" in it, so I'm going for something like "Super Bulldozer" or "Bulldozer Platinum Edition" or something marketdroid like that.

If I see one I like, the namer will get a set of my original games plus a CD of phony phone calls (that I got 25 copies of because one of my calls is on it).

. . .provided somebody posts a good name. And you're in a place where I can ship CD's easily.

Okay, impress me!
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Recommended Comments

I thought of these off the top of my head.

Bulldozer Extreme

Mega Bulldozer

Bulldozer Gold

Grand Slam Bulldozer

Bulldozer Supreme

Ultimate Bulldozer

Bulldozer Evolved

Super Crush Bulldozer

Bulldozer Extra

A quick overture seach showed the word Extreme to be the most popular with Extra in 2nd, Ultimate in 3rd, and Mega in 4th.

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Ballistic Bulldozer
Bulldozers Gone Wild
Bulldozer: The Return
Bulldozer: Dig That Dirt!

How about series names?

Bulldozer: Fellowship of the Dig
Bulldozer: The Two Tractors
Bulldozer: Return of the Dig

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Bulldozers Gone Wild

Oh! that gets my engine started! BRUUUMM!

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If you went the LaMothian route:

Bulldozer Xtreme

Other whimsical ideas:

Super Happy Bulldozer Fun

Realm of the Mighty Bulldozer

Bulldozer World

Bulldozer Land

Penultimate Bulldozer (the name also serves as an intelligence test... see how many folks email you to let you know that penultimate really means "second to last")

Bulldozer: Mission X

Bulldozer Elite

Grand Championship Bulldozer

Bulldozer: The Quest for Quintana Roo

Raiders of the Lost Bulldozer

Bulldozer Wars

Dude, Where's my Bulldozer?

Bulldozer in the 23rd Century

Push The Rocks Onto The Targets With Your Bulldozer (a la "Click the Yellow Rhombus" naming convention)

Bulldozer Universe

Bulldozer: Now with the Taste of Real Apples!

Bulldozer: Get a Snack, and Don't Make Any Plans Tonight!

(maybe more later...)

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Deluxe Bulldozer: The Earth Will Move

Bulldozer: Romancing the Tread

Bulldozer: Hydraulic Edition

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Mighty Bulldozer
Bulldozer Colossal
Power Plow Bulldozer
Heavy Weight Bulldozer
Bulldozer Titanium
Heavy Metal Bulldozer
Bulldozer Titan
Bulldozer Global
Bulldozer: Livn Large
Bulldozer Critical Power

Mighty Metal Bulldozer

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