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Hmm, haven't updated in a while (3 days and I'm this far down the list!), mainly because I've got little done over the period.

I guess I should be thinking about what I'm going to use for audio in the game. It would be cool if the library had 3d sound support so I could make the sounds.. um.. sound like they are far away.

But I guess I could do that easily through software.
1) Find out where the sound is coming from on the map
2) If it is within your hearing radius, then play the sound with a volume based on the distance from your location.

I haven't really checked anything out at this point, and since it is not required to have a working game, audio is a fairly low priority on the milestones list (it kills me to say that).

But I think I may use SDL_mixer because it is probably very easy to use (just like everything else in sdl), and has everything I need (play multiple sounds at once..., etc?)

What do ya'll think?
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FMOD is very easy to use and has 3D sound support. I've never used the 3D sound system though.

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