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Normally, I do not make the title screen of a game I am writing as the first things. I learned long ago that this lead to having a whole bunch of title screens, and no games. The main reason for winding up with a bunch of title screens is that I would have a super-neat-o idea that was way too large for my skills to actually accomplish... much the same as most of the folks in GameDev.net's Help Wanted forum. But I digress.

The new title screen is reckognizably derived from the title screen of JL2k3. The biggest change from 2k3->2k5 is the online top scores list. The game of JetLag isn't exactly a complex one. Basically, scroll the screen by one line every T milliseconds, move the guy, check for collisions, and respond appropriately.

And now for the Lucky Charms... what stays and what goes?

The list of JL2k3 Lucky Charms, and their status for 2k5:

+5 x LVL Pts(keep as is)
+10 x LVL Pts(keep as is)
+25 x LVL Pts(keep as is)
+50 x LVL Pts(keep as is)
+100 x LVL Pts(keep as is)
Go Faster*(modify)
Go Slower*(modify)
Go Left(ditch)
Go Right(ditch)
Straighten(keep as is)
+1 Life(keep as is)
+1 Bomb(keep as is)
Invincibility*(keep as is)
+1 Shield*(ditch)
Widen(keep as is)
Key Reverse*(keep as is)
Stop (*) FX(keep as is)
Instibomb(keep as is)
Score x 1/4*(modify)
Score x 1/2*(modify)
Score x 1*(modify)
Score x 2*(modify)
Score x 4*(modify)

So, keeping 13 as is(slightly more than half of them), ditching 5 of them, and modifying the remaining 7.

Reasons for ditching:

Go Left/Right: almost half of the time that these get hit, the guy is already doing that direction. These LC's were supposed to be a nuisance, but wound up being largely ignorable, so ditch 'em.

+1 Shield: I still think this was a cool idea, but it didn't really pan out. A shield allowed the guy to hit one brick without dying, and the shield would be eliminated. The guy could collect more than one shield. This was rather useful when trying to thread the needle, as it lowered the risk. Nobody wound up using it, so out it goes.

Bonus!!!: meant to be a "good" LC, but wound up a nuisance instead, and didn't give enough extra score to make it worth it. bye bye.

Warp: meant to be a minor nuisance, but in reality pretty much meant sudden death. In theory, it could be retooled to teleport the player, straighten him out, and make him invincible. I'll have to think about it.

Reasons and Methods for Modifying:

Go faster/Slower: The game of jetlag has always had a feature of gradually getting faster and faster. at each level, the guy sped up. The guy would also speed up temporarily if he got the speed up/slow down LC. This time, I am making the speed up and slow down LCs PERMAMENT effects, and furthermore they are positioned only at the threshholds between levels(speed up when a new level is reached, and slow down when a widen is activated), and even furthermore, there are "escape holes" in these lines of speed ups and slow downs. These are taken off of the random LC list, and so I'll need to replace them as well.

Score x N: This made the game unbalanced. A good player, if lucky, would grab an x4 in an early level, go for quite a while, and get an ungodly score. I originally thought to ditch them entirely, but have now decided to make them time limited instead. Since they are time limited, I will no longer need x1 (because the Stop (*) FX does really the same thing),

So, out of the 25 JL2k3 random LCs, I have 17 remaining. I will need 8 more.

New LCs:

Warp Revisited: I think I'll renege on my ditching of the warp, and put in the "straighten" and "make invincible" effects, and that should take care of it.

Shift Left/Right: I can make the tunnel shift over by one cell to the left or right. I'll have to work something out to make the two sides of the tunnel independent, but I'm certain I can figure something out. I figure the two sides of the tunnel will wind up different colors because of this. Should be interesting to examine.

Narrow: the opposite of widen.

And I have four left. I have a couple of other ideas, but they just aren't "ripe" yet. Still have to think about them some more.

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Can you move the credits to a credits page? It just seems distracting to have so much wordage on the first page. Just a name, menu, and copyright if possible.

Just my opinion.

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So if you're using popcap does that mean there's a chance of a port to other operating systems?

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