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The Freetype2 cometh!

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So, after my inital attempts at producing sane freetype2 based text textures (clicky ) I figured I could spend a few minutes trying to fix the problem.

So, I went and studied the Freetype 2 example of producing glyphs with proper kerening once more and noticed a section on 'Managing glyph images' which I had glanced at before but didnt really bother reading it all properly [grin], turns out the answer was there all along.

Freetype2 gives you a bitmap with the image and it also has a field which gives you the distance from its (0,0) point to the left most pixel of the glyph, so a simple addition of that to my destination pixel location and it works perfectly [grin]

Looking at it, I'm wondering if I can reduce it all down to a couple of standard lib. based loops (for_each()), I'm already using one and a functor to copy each glyph's bitmap into the final image and I should be able todo the same trick with the intial glyph generation as the only things which persists outside of the loop are 3 variables and the loop its self is pretty small.
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