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Guild Wars has made me quite unproductive lately. Usually after the initial thrill of a new game settles down, I'm able to get some work done. Despite that though, I'm really enjoying the game. I won't go into a rant about why I like the game, but if you've got any interest in the game it's worth checking out.

I've finished my font writer wrapper and I'm mostly happy. It uses the Direct3D font interface to do most of the dirty work. The upside to this is the ease of use of the class, but the one thing that kinda dissapoints me is that I become limited in the fonts I can use. I really wish there was a way I could load a custom font from a file, but as far as I can tell there weren't any constructor overloads in either the Microsoft.Direct3D.Font or System.DRawing.Font namespaces that had a load from file parameter. Although I couldn't add this one feature, I was able to create a neat linked list feature that allows the user to make as many font objects as necessary. Creation of a font yeilds an integer handle back to the user in order to reference the font. This handle works almost like a pointer. I was pretty happy about doing this because it allowed me to keep the actual font objects hidden from the user and safe from any unwated changes that can occur to unprotected data. Not to mention the flexibility and scalability it gave me. Yeah I know it's just a font writer class, but at least I'll have something that can be reused with relative ease.
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