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## what the shit

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Started playing Guild Wars today. I joined the GDNet guild. My name is "Laz Wormskull." I am a level 6 Necromancer/Elementalist. It's not that bad of a game. Better than I thought it would be, and much better than it was back when the beta started.

It's the weekend! I've got nothing to do this weekend. Guess it'll be a weekend of gaming. Maybe I could fix my truck. I got an exhaust leak somewhere, might have to tighten the header bolts.

So I've got a game I'm working on, it's called Lazteroids 2. It's the sequel to a project I made in Full Sail for a class. We were to make an asteroids "clone" (i use that term loosely because it didn't have to be an asteroids clone. As long as it had bullets and bad guys, you were good to go, but they still called it the "Asteroids clone" project). But anyway, here. Go check it out. It's the 5th one down from the top. (yes, it's buggy).

But anyway, I'm making it in OpenGL. It'll be the same top-down view and it will be rendered in full 3D. I hope to make it pretty. I'm not that far into it, but i've been working on it for quite a few months. I work on it when I get bored, pretty much. I have someone who is making sketches for some models, and another person who is modelling. I think I will be texturing, not sure yet. I will probably end up making the music for it too. I'm in the process of learning Fruity Loops.

When I get more done on it, I will start posting progress here.

Super fun happy time:
- http://www.bash.org/?500890
- http://www.bash.org/?500874
- http://www.bash.org/?500125
- http://www.bash.org/?499764
- http://www.simplecodeworks.com/mazito

I'm sure I had more but I forgot.
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OK I'm finally going to break in. Your avatar, .. it's from some kind of avatar generating thing, right? I've seen variations on that kind of face all over the place.. and I want one! :(

So cough it up, where's this site or whatever?

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