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... since yesterday was the last day of school for this year, I'm sure you could all imagine the plethora of parties that were taking place. Now, with all these parties, I'll let it be known that I went to a fair many of them.

I woke up today at around 11:30am, and my head feals like it is going to explode! And worse yet... some of my friends are asking if I can remember what I did at [name removed]'s party... Nope. Not at all. Did I even go to [name removed]'s party? I can't remember. But they all assure me that it was significantly embarrassing, and that they even got the pictures that they'll show me when it gets developed later this weekend.

So, lesson for today: Don't get shitfaced and do something stupid, because you won't remember it and others will.

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When you find out what you did, you'll tell us, right? [grin]

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Trying to piece back togehter the previous night was always my favorite part of getting smashed. It was like playing Sherlock Holmes with a splitting headache.

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There are two really bad things to have at house parties:

1. Sober people (they remember things far too well)
2. Cameras (they remember even if people dont)

H_o_p_s - I sympathise. I've lost count of how many times I've got myself into trouble through similar routes. Although I'm strangely proud of the time I was told the day after "you knocked a wall over"... "Yeah, whatever. I'm not strong enough to do that..." [embarrass]


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They didn't use a digital camera? Oh well, scanners exist. :D

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