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First Blood!

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So we're on Day 7 of rehearsals, and we're going over a fight between Robin and the Henchmen. At one point Robin uses a platform to push himself into the air with his arms (so he's stationary but both feet come off the ground) and launches a flying sidekick to my chest. Well the first time I tried it he came up short - I reacted anyways just to get the feel of it so I hollowed out and dropped my head. Well, Steve (who plays Robin) knew he missed and unconsciously (read - not looking) went through the move again to get the feel of it - only my head was still in the way.

BAM!! (or as our director from last season would say - BAMPF!!)

So he hits me straight in the head and my glasses cut into my face. They didn't break, which I thought they had, but they were a bit bent out of shape. Nothing I couldn't fix tho - they feel fine wearing them now. I bled a teeny bit - mainly it was swelling I had to worry about.

Here's the money shot:

Yep, so that was fun - first blood of the season! Steve of course felt real bad for hitting me, but I'm very tolerant of these things. It's a stunt show - accidents will happen. To be honest I feel like an idiot for allowing myself to be kicked, so we're even [smile]

Anyways besides that I finally remembered to stop off at Radio Shack on my way home from work (having to pick up a Mother's Day card helped) and I picked up an A/V switch for my consoles and a new audio cable to hook my comp up to the Viewsonic. The audio cable helped - the buzzing is still there but not nearly as loud as before. It only happens when windows fully boots up tho, so I'm thinking that the Viewsonic might not be well shielded? I dunno. Either way it's not an issue anymore. One thing solved - still have to get a new monitor cable to fix this damn ghosting.

Ok, I have to work tomorrow at 9 so I'll leave with some more pics...

The A/V switchbox - yey!

Goldeneye007 on the N64

And with the push of a button... Lord of the Rings the Third Age on GC! Whoo!

Oh yea - I wasn't going to bother posting this but I figured what the hell - it's just me on the dirtbike doing my first baby powerslides. I only go around once - after that my "trainer" (the other stuntman who plays my part, who's been riding motorcross since he was a kid) said no more camera so I could focus. Phooey. I have some crazy slides now - hopefully I can get up some extended footage soon. It's a Yamaha YZF250 btw - bad ass bike, I love it.

Bike.avi (0:15) 5mb
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Ahh! Glad you didn't lose an eye or anything...that could have gone a lot worse! (Ah yes I just realize I am 6 days too late [lol]) Oh well, hope ya feeling better. That looks like one lightweight bike! Biggest influence for me is the movies - I want a BMW like in the Trasnporter. As for bikes go, I'll have to remember a few I've seen...

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You should play Super Smash Brothers and Super Smash Brother Melee at the same time [smile].

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You must have been very busy the past month because your journal entries are becoming few and far between. I've been keeping an eye out for your new ramblings and have missed seeing your daily entries.

Don't let us down! j/k Be more careful and when they shout "duck" don't assume it's a mallard flying by!

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