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My time is coming...

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For those who aren't aware... I'm the Lead Multimedia Programmer for AzTech Games - working on Formula One Championship Manager (aka "F1CM").

My job isn't that precisely defined, but basically I do a lot of the "proper" programming for the project - the production quality C++ version built on top of a DirectX9 multimedia framework.

We took a novel approach to creating the game - the original version (that still exists) is written in Visual Basic 6; a language frowned upon by many games developers (often for pointless/incorrect reasons). Taking this route allowed us to have a very rich user interface and gameplay model up and running extremely quickly. Sure, it's full of windows-style quirks, we don't have quite the "fine" control over it we want... but inside of a few months we were working on gameplay NOT technology.

Gameplay makes a game. It makes our game better than others. We have already had 2+ years of gameplay balancing and testing under our belt.

So, anyway, to the point...

I've been writing up the "production quality C++ codebase" for a while - the intention being that when the gameplay prototype stabilises at beta level I'll convert the game logic and GUI design to the final codebase. Yes, there is the argument that this conversion offsets a lot of the advantage of using a RAD tool to start with...[rolleyes]

It looks, from recent intel I have that the beta will drop sometime this week. Meaning that it's time for me to flex my [development] muscles and put the hours in [oh].

A recent version of the VB6 codebase, statistically, looks like:
o 92 Forms, 34 Modules, 4 Classes - 130 source code files
o 39,172 lines of code, 7,777 lines of comments - 50,424 lines of source code

My current C++ framework, statistically, looks like:
o 48 c/cpp files, 59 header files - 111 source code files
o 15,376 lines of code, 10,369 lines of comments - 33,538 lines of source code

Now, my guesstimates would mean that about 35,000 lines of VB6 code need to be directly/equivelently converted. That's probably going to translate into 60-65 thousand lines of C++ I reckon (there is no VB6 code for creating GUI elements, there is in C++). Probably another 3-5 thousand lines to be added to the framework as I upgrade/fix it upon greater knowledge of the code running on top of it.

So, when this beta drops I'm gonna be working my way through anything upto 75,000 lines of C++ code. Ideally within a couple of months. I do this for a hobby? Yup - I am absolutely nuts.

Obviously, I won't be discussing any parts of the project that give away confidential information - but I'm hoping to fill up this here journal with some bits and pieces that are noteworthy...

If you have any particular "areas of interest" that you want me to cover, send me a message, or leave a comment! I always like to hear from people [smile]

Till next time;
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Recommended Comments

Anyone like the colours?

I thought I'd use them to highlight the various points/facts in the entry - on reading mine and other peoples, theres a severe lack of colour. My eyes get bored of reading so much "samey" text [smile]


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Oh god the colors! It burns!

Hehe, i'll chalk that up as a "no" to my question then! [sad]

Any other thoughts on colours? Get rid of them?

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Man, I dont know what Washu is talking about, the colours are awesome!!1 I was reading the entry and kept thinking to myself "what a wonderful use of colours this is".

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Man, I dont know what Washu is talking about, the colours are awesome!!

hehe - thanks [smile]

Think I'll turn them down a little anyway...


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