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Entry #2

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  • random observation of the day
    Could you move a little to the left? I can't see the bricks.

Lvl 12 now. And how the hell does Washu have time to write in his journal?! He's the same level I am, and has this uber hammer that does twice as much damage normally attacking than I do with spells. Well, if I use uber spells I can do an equal amount, but not constantly. Damn recharge times...

LOL GDNET Gathering. That's pretty cool, but using it would require me to change my ever-so-fitting location: "Off the edge of the map". I'll wait a little longer yet before I let you all know where I live. (have to get some more shells for the automated defense system)
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18-33 dmg, +20% Does on average 77 damage, maxes at 90+ currently [grin]

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