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The morning (day) after

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I've decided to actually keep a journal now.

Went clubbing yesterday till 7am this morning. It was Slimelight in london.
I decided not to get pilled up this time which was probably a mistake since I was knackered before hand (pro plus were doing nothing) and I fell asleep after about 4 hours with only a few dances under my belt.
Quite a few fit guys there. Not so many fit girls (not that I was looking...cos I have a gf).
Saw a strange woman who was dancing very very slowly to fucking fast up beat trance music. She seemed to be majorly spaced out on something.

I've got the next few weekends booked up which is good. I got a BBQ next weekend which I am going to buy a few shrooms for so we can all trip out with our burgers. Then saturday week we have the monthly brighton clubbing trip with my workmates- The Safeway/Morrisons Krew! I dunno whether I'm gonna get pilled up for that; the last trip was really amazing without any drugs (apart from joints).

I've made the decision to actually go extreme cybergoth very soon. I've been quite traditional for years now but I really want to go extreme. I got the perfect hair style in my mind and I'm gonna get a few more tattoos and piercings.

I've left my game engine for a few days now. I've gotten quite far with the GUI editor tool- so useful since I can just throw together windows for my engine. But I have run into some very illogical problems.
Also been reading up on CPU and hardware emulation. Very interesting stuff and something I want to read into more depth and do a bit of pratical programming with it.

Recent buy:
Yesterday I decided to get some more rave pants from Cyberdog. I happily spend 60 quid on these. They are sweet as-

Over and out, mofos

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Nice, yet another one!... Here's your traditional journal welcome ratings ++. That looks pretty good, look forward to seeing more screenshots!

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