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I guess my MBR is ok, because I was able to get to my boot loader. I had Win2K installed on my c:, and XP-64 on d:. I see the 1st graphical promt that windows is loading for about 2 seconds, then I get an error, "inaccessable boot device". I was able to boot into XP-64 no problem, did a virus scan, and found 2 on my d: drive. They were located in the IE cache, and the 'systemvolume' folders. So thats kinda strange that they *maybe* took out by system.

Only thing they happened was I just installed 3 new fans, a pair of 80mm and a 120mm. When I booted up from that, and tried to goto 2K I got the BSOD and figured my OC was not stable with the voltage, becuase I had my memory at 2.90V. I still have some ideas for trying to recover my data, but I almost just want to format it so I can just get over it.

The spoon was in there prior to the incident, so I don't think that caused it. I left it where it is.

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