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GDNet Toronto Strives!

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Rob Loach


With the new GDNet Gathering feature comes GDNet Toronto! We've already met once and the next time will be the first official meet. All from Toronto must attend.... Apparently Pouya doesn't like the ass touching so he won't come. Unfortunate.

I haven't done much in the ways of development. Work on ProcessProtect continues. The Black List is now functional but I have yet to upload it as I've sent it to my friend to have a look at the source before I make any official releases.

The website now supports Geshi code formatting so I can now upload some of my new tutorials and code segments. Once I get the time I'll be putting up the 2D and 3D std::vector classes as well as some other stuff I've done.... Well, take care.

Random Interest

- click image -
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That photo aging thing only works when you have a face staring -straight- into the camera. None of the pictures I gave it worked that well, heh.

And that geshi link looks cool. Looks like I'll be implementing that into my website.

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Do you think he would have commanded so much authority as a manga character?

By far the best i got was alchy Hitlar!

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