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I got feed up with ODE!

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Well, after a couple of days (weeks?) trying to add ellipsoids to the primitives supported by ODE, I gave up today.

This (450k) is the closest I got, and to be honest I think I am still a bit green on doing physic simulations... or rather, I haven't taken the time to learn about how it works under the hood, I asked for help on the ODE mailing list and got no replies (something rather normal there to be honest), and well, I figured it's just not worth it.

I came to ODE looking for a solution for my collision detection problems, and I learned a lot about it while doing so, and I am gratefull for that, so, I am moving the couple of functions I wrote into FreeSOLID and maybe later I will consider finally adding FreeSOLID support into ODE.

For now, I am just Ranting, oh and I found FATE, a very interesting free tabletop RPG I am sort of implementing for my engine, that oughta keep me busy for a while [smile].

Cheers! (only one week and a day left!)
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I have to ask, why are you trying to add an ellipsoid type to ODE ? there is already a capsule primitive, and it is working quite well to approximate characters.

Although like many developers i have a lot of codecs installed, i haven't been able to view your video. This might partially explain why you got no answer on ODE's mailing list (that plus the lack of details in your description of the problem in your mail IMHO).


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There are capsules? I didnt noticed, they may be on the contrib directory, because I didnt noticed any documentation on them, do they work with trimesh?

All in all I like ellipsoids better, and like I think I said, most of the "adapt what is already there to your problem" solutions felt klunky.

I tried boxes, sometimes they fell thru the mesh and didnt quite flow right on inclined planes, and the spheres where too big to encapsulate a character.

on the last few days I found out some flaws on my ellipsoid code, so that may have been the problem I had [smile].

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