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C is the third letter in the alphebet!!!

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Stompy is getting closer to completion every day. With the exception of the sound portion of the game, everything is going along smoothly.

I have always considered myself a C programmer rather than a C++ one. After making an OO design for Stompy, I'm even more convinced of this theory. I have a tendency to make most of my major alterations after I've already coded some short demos. This, in my opinion, is not a good way to program in C++. C++ programs need detailed planning before they are made, and C programs are pretty easy to alter at any point.

C is just more flexible. C++ is much more strict in terms of what you can and can not do. This is a double-edged sword. On one hand, it stops the programmer from making stupid mistakes that would really hurt later on. On the other hand, this limits flexibility, and makes it difficult to make quick changes to the code. I like the flexibility of C, which is why my earlier games were made purely with C.

My procedural programming style can be traced back to when I first learned C++. The book I read was called "Problem solving with C++, The object of programming", which is stupidly long title. Anyways, I kindof glazed over the important chapters like, oh you know, classes and templates. I thought if I knew how to use if-statements, I could do anything.

If your making a large project, C++ is the way to go. If your not, I typically use C. Although I badly miss the STL when I'm using C.

A while a go, I started using a little C#, just to test how it is. You would think since I'm mister "OMG, C is uber 1337!!", I would hate C#, right? Actually, I very much enjoy C#. What I like about it is that it cleans up some of the old, ugly C/C++ syntax in favor of some more readable keywords. For instance, using functions with a variable amount of arguments is easy with C#, and with C/C++, it is near impossible. Although, I don't believe C# is that good for game development, even with managed DX. However, everyone should use C# to make Windows GUI applications, in favor of the C/C++ Windows API.

That's about it. Hopefully, Stompy will get a high-score table soon, and then the battle will begin.[evil]
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