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The Peaceful Power of Pizza.

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SYDNEY (Reuters) - An Australian prison siege ended on Monday after a group of inmates agreed to release a guard they had held for two days in return for a delivery of pizzas, prison officials said.

A group of up to 20 inmates seized control of the reception area of the maximum security Risdon Prison in Hobart, capital of the southern island state of Tasmania, on Saturday, demanding better treatment and improvements to the jail.

The siege was resolved in far less dramatic circumstances.

"Our staff member was negotiated out with the delivery of 15 pizzas," Graeme Barber, Tasmania's director of prisons, told reporters.

So. My plan for world peace will now include pizza delivery to despotic nations.
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But pizza delivery would imply capitalism, which is sick. And your advocacy of it would mean that you're trying to justify it, which makes you sick too.

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How is pizza delivery capitalistic?

What if it's a state-sponsored social welfare program? That's not very capitalistic.

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Dunno how it is in Turnipvania, but here in America you have to remunerate the agent of the sick capitalist pizza company when your pizza arrives.

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