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Guild wars, Terragen 2, Engine..

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This is gonna be a short update. Me busy.

First - i bought Guild Wars last week. Overall an excellent game. I'm trying to not get addicted to it, so i only play around one hour a day. At the moment i'm levelling up an Elementalist / Monk level 15. See the GDNet Lounge thread for more details about GW.

Secondly - today a friend sent in a link to Terragen 2. I like it a lot. They have some videos of planets flythrough, which are similar to what i'm trying to achieve with my planet engine. That one, particularly, is amazing.

Finally - i've been working this last week on my network library, implementing reliable UDP, and optimizing the packets together. Seems to run well now. I've also started to implement physics with ODE (which should not be too hard, since i've been working with ODE on misc. projects in the past 2 years).
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