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Entry #3

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  • Random Observatio nof the Dat!
    I have poison ivy all over my arms [bawling]


Was going to post it here but then I learned that Ravuya/Steve/Capn_Midnight/others got the same email, so I posted the above thread to test a theory that our contact info was siphoned off the top 50 list. Doesn't look like it, because neither Toxic Hippo nor MindWipe got it.

Whatever. LOL.
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I didn't get it [lol]. I am teh suxors!!1! [wink] Musta been from like one thread, they just went though and got a whole bunch of people. GDnet+/Administrators probabally?

Sucks to here about that posion ivy...*shudders* How'd that happen!

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Was helping mum outside with some weeding, and she hands me this plant, telling me "hold this". I look at her and say, "Well, that looks like poison ivy". We weren't sure, and I didn't (think) that I touched any.

So I found out later some of it brushed my forearm, and that night I started scratching and spread it everywhere :/

If you ever suspect you have touched poison ivy, immediately wash the area with hot soap and water. The "poison" is a protein-based irritant that actually takes about 30 minutes to take effect. If you manage to get it off before it attaches, nothing bad will happen.

Too bad I didn't think I got any, then forgot about it. Oh well *itch* *itch*

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