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Even more MUD progress.

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Python scripting is hella faster now, and it won't lock up threads like before (it is kind of slow with heavy loads, I will add some kind of load balancing eventually).

In addition, disconnects and connects are handled nicer, the whole thing runs much faster and the flood protection is a bit tighter.
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Psshhh, nobody cares about things that may or may not be technically good for the game if we cant see em ;) Backend? What backend =D

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Bah! We are all developers here. :)

I'm also working on a layer so you can tell the game engine to pull a character from the character database, bolt an AI onto it, and have it roll about the world solving crimes with other meddling kids.

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You know what else is like Python? Lisp.

You know what's like Lisp? A cult. [grin]

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