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I've been noticing lots of little features popping up on GDNet lately; a link to preview your post, and collapsable forum categories are what i've noticed, and they're cool. The worker elves of Gamedev seem to have been busy!

Aside from that, i'm supposed to be going to San Francisco the first week of August, which I suppose will be cool. I've never been there before, only Southern California, so it'll be a new experience at least. Street cars, the Golden Gate Bridge, and Alcatraz are at the top of the todo list, but other than that I have no idea. It should be fun.

I actually thought i'd have more to say for now, but I guess not. I shall ponder and return with something insightful (yeah, right).
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San Francisco Cool! I'll be out there myself at the end of August. I usually hang out on the other side of the bay in a town called Walnut Creek. You forgot to mention Chinatown. And if you like walking inside large aquariums filled with sharks then you might like Underwater World. Also check out the public transportation in the city. Some places give you discounts if you arrive that way.

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