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It's 9:45 in the morning, I'm in school with my coffee and a magazine, sitting at a terminal in one of the school's many computer lab (ten minutes left to talk). There is a conspiracy to keep me off the internet. As soon as I get back from aforementioned vacation, I write one journal entry, and the internet is out, which means our broadband based phone connection is out, which means we can't call comcast to fix the problem. Our service should be back by the time I'm home from school. I've heard it all before.

Anyhow, brickout is for the most part done. I'd post a screenshot, but I have no idea how. I consider the project successful, but the collision detection still has a glitch in it. I'm happy with how far I progressed on my own, however, and I believe it's time for me to move on to my next project. Any suggestions out there? I was thinking maybe a sidescroller. The only problem is, I would have no way of knowing how I should start, because I have no knowledge of things like tiles and cameras and such and such and metroids.

Well, anyhow, it looks like I must be going. If you have an idea for my next project or know how to take a friggin screenshot on Windows2000, drop me a comment on this entry. I should be able to check it later. Thanks guys.


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See that key marked Print Screen? Push it. Then paste it somewhere.

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Sweet, thanks! And how do you post a picture in a journal entry (probably some block of html, right?)

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You upload the image onto either your GDnet webspace or Photobucket or whatever, then you do this:

<img src="web address of the picture">

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Pressing PrintScreen doesn't do a damn thing. Neither does Alt-PrintScreen. Hmmm...


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Use IrfanView to take screen shots and edit them. It's free. Then upload the image into your gdnet account and display it with the html img tag.

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