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Entry #5

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  • Random Observatio nof the day!
    They have pills for that, you know...

I was going to write a technical post about my personal philosophy on when and where solid code should always be written, and where writing bullet-proof code is a time-killing unnecessity. But I decided against it.

Maplestory is opening up the BETA release of its official client (still a closed-BETA for those without accounts). Funnily enough, both Maplestory and ROSE Online (the two BIG MMORPGs being ported over from the land of the MMORPGS - Korea) are undergoing server wipes. ROSE is doing it directly - pretty much a "omfg /del *.*" while Maplestory is opening up a new server, while retaining the old (which will be abandoned anyway).

Last night in GW (well, yesterday afternoon) I was doing Frost Gate with the NPC helpbots, and pwnaging everything (partially due to the fact that I was using the MageBot == FIRESTORM x2 in an icy land == ownage) and I got to the very end of the mission: there are 3 mechanisms to open the Frost Gate, was right next to the last one, and guess what? I lagged out. Which terminated the mission.

So I was like "wtf no!" and am still a little upset at my machine for being the pile of reeking shit that it is. And yes, I will have enough cash for a new system soon, here are the minimum specs I'm looking for:

winXP Pro
1.8 GHz Pentium M

So yeah [/long entry]
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