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Entry #6

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Laz says I update my journal too often. So to spite him, I'm going to update it even more. So you're probably going to see a lot more of me than you'll probably want over the next few days.

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OMFG Someone actually commented! I swear - its a frickin' comment drought today...

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Maybe this is a repost, but has anyone noticed that this journal is #8 "Hottest topic of all time"? source.

edit: I could have sworn it was #8 when I posted this. It's #9 now.

edit2: I just saw that Mushu posted about it a while back. I was just .. er .. updating the info. Yeh. Updating.

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838 Posts now! One more then it will tie and be back again [wink] (I wonder what the update time is for that page... it's not showing it yet)

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