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Action RPG

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Dragon Warrior

(limiting button selection)

before i get to the meat of this post, i wanted to mention that i had a thought about the (L) and (R) quick-selection. i was thinking that if we linked (B) and (L) to only attacking actions and (A) and (R) to the rest, we would scroll things faster. you'd only be able to put the (B) button on weapons, and pressing (L) would only scroll through weapons and attack magics. it would speed up selection for that side. if (A) could only be put on the rest, we wouldn't scroll through weapons for it with (R), again speeding up selection. we would also avoid the two-weapon-equipping issue we had earlier, for the stats screen.

i sorta don't like the idea of limiting the player, but i do like the idea of having less to scroll through. on the same note, if we're going to be speeding up quick-select, perhaps we should only have healing or escape spells on (R)'s quicklist. it sorta doesn't make sense to have a quick-list for (L) though, because you're not likely going to want to equip a weapon weaker than your strongest one, and that only leaves HURT and HURTMORE (and SLEEP and STOPSPELL, possibly) for that list. if we're only goingn to have three things to scroll through.. well, its something to think about. having only a few things to scroll through is a bonus though, thinking back to Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles (gc).

so let's see now, for my (now) lv20 warrior, the (L) scroll list might look like (as an example):

Loto Sword

and the (R) scroll list might look like:

Herb 6
Silver Shield

... its sorta hard to decide what to put there. it might be easiest to just pick a series of things to scroll through - or just say screw it and just scroll through it all for now. that'd be the easiest thing to do for now.

i suppose if we limited the (B) button to the sword alone, we could use (L) and (R) to left and right rotate the (A) button's item - exactly as FF:CC(gc) did. imagine going through 14 spells and items and pressing (R) one too many times - you'd have to go through all 14 again and try not to miss it. if you could go back one, that would be much better. maybe thats the best bet here.

(action interface)

we have many situations to have to work through here, as there are quite a variety of things that can happen. maybe we should start broad and simple and work our way in.

(basic movement)

here, we look at just the use of the d-pad (+). the most basic thing you can do is make your avatar walk around. you can face in four directions, but you can move in 8. moving your avatar onto stairs will move you to the next map (likely through an event), as will moving it off the edge of the map (though an event probably won't be needed for that). stepping into marshy areas will work like zelda:la(gmb)'s shallow water, your avatar will move down a little, and you'll take damage at a fixed rate like in crystalis(nes). stepping onto the hazard floors won't sink the avatar, but damage will be done at a much faster rate. i hate the hazard floors. they seem so pointless.

walking under roofing will make the outside go away and will let you see only what's under the roof. i don't think this is very necessary, and might not add it until after it's been 'finished'.

(item use)

its time to go through all of the action items and describe them and how they'll be used.


Bamboo Pole +2 ATK
Club +4 ATK
Copper Sword +10 ATK
Iron Axe +15 ATK
Steel Sword +20 ATK
Flame Sword +28 ATK
Loto Sword +40 ATK

the most basic use of the weapons is to press the button and have the weapon travel in a half-circle arc around you; in that duration, the player's avatar will perform an attack animation that will make it look like he's doing it. all weapons will work exactly the same, arc at the same speed, and should have exactly the same range - the only difference should be the appearance and damage. as in zelda, pressing the button rapidly will restart the action again and again.

we'll deal with what the weapon will do to monsters later.

all but the Flame Sword work exactly the same, and that's only because of dwi+ii(gbc)-i; you can use the Flame Sword as an item and it casts a form of HURT/Firebal. i don't necessarily have to do that.i don't even think that i'd be able to - if you put it on a button and press the button, it will attack with it. i could have the player hold the button in for the magic bolt, i'd have to add that functionality for only this item - and i'm aiming for general stuff all around. if it makes the cut, it won't be until the very end of the production.


Leather Shield +4 DEF
Iron Shield +10 DEF
Silver Shield +20 DEF

here's something i'm not positive of yet. see, in zelda, as shields got stronger, they didn't affect anything but what they could block. for example, in Zelda:LttP(snes), the small shield could only block little things, like octorok rocks; the large sheild let you block zora beams, where the small shield didn't; the mirror shield let you block statue laser beams, where the large and small didn't.

in this case, though, that's not what the difference is in the shields - its the armor rating on them. if you haven't equipped a shield, should you still get the defense from it? in final fantasy adventure, you just equipped it like you did your armor, and got the defense like that. this is an action game though, and i want to get the shield in there as a tool, like in zelda:la(gmb). press the button it's assigned to and you hold it up in front - and gain the defense for the duration of your button holding.

in zelda:la(gmb), they let you walk around with the shield in use - but as you moved around, you would change directions. zelda:mc(gba) went a little differently - as you moved around with your shield up, you wouldn't change directions. i'm not sure which would be better. if you wanted that to happen in zelda:la(gmb) you'd just hold your sword button in too and you'd face the one direction. i probably won't be doing that one. i like the idea of keeping the one direction as you move around, though. we do need to deal with the button holding in as a special case here (unlike the Flame Sword) because this is a feature i want to have for the shield, if i'm going to give it manual use.

but then, you want to have healing spells ready during tough battles requiring the shield, don't you? i honestly hardly used the shield in zelda:la(gmb), so that makes me think that i might want to have it as just an equippable peice of armor. it worked for FF:CC(gc) clavats, but if i do it this way, thats one less item to give into the variety of things you can do. i'd like to think i'm eventually going to support this - but man, i can't think of why, if i don't here. i'll have to put more thought into this one.

(other armor ratings)

as i was looking up the ratings of the shields and weapons, i figured i'd grab the armors too while i was at it.

Cloth Shirt +2 DEF
Leather Shirt +4 DEF
Chain Armor +10 DEF
Iron Armor +16 DEF
Steel Armor +24 DEF
Magic Armor +24 DEF
Loto Armor +28 DEF

D-Scale +5 DEF


assigning a herb to a button will allow you to heal yourself. i'd imagine a small puff of starry shines would go over you and the heal amount that occurred would pop off in green. you can only carry 6 at a time of these for some reason, and they give the item a counter, so we will too. where the E would show up on a peice of armor, a counter from 2-6 will be shown; if there's only one, there's no counter needed.


using a wing immediately transports you to tantagel - but i think it should be expanded to let you fly to any town you've visited, just like in EVERY OTHER DW. so anyways, a menu containing the towns will pop up, and you'll select from it, i guess. i suppose keeping it simple would just have it send you to tantegel. fly up off the screen (hopefully holding the wing), fade out/in to tantegel's front gate, and drop the player down (poofing the wing away when you land). simple.

(err, what else is there?)

DvlBelt (Cursed Necklace?)
quest items: Sun Stone, Silver/Shiny Harp, Rain Staff, Loto Seal

.. i think thats it. i'll be finishing off that stuff and then moving on to monster interaction and then event scripts. what'll be left after that, who knows.
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