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Neural Mowers Continued

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Here is a early screen of the learning stage of the mower AI application. They do quite well after a thousand generations or so. More later...

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You'd think that many mowers could take care of the crabgrass.

My girlfriend had crabs I bought her fishnet stockings.


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You should have them fight for dominance among the mowers!
That's essentially what's going on here. The mowers who perform the best (cut the most grass) each generation are used to create the next generation. Each mower has a genome that is mutated and combined with the other dominant genomes. Eventually the best of the best is chosen to mow the lawn all on his own thus becoming the dominant gardener. You can see on the graph in my previous post that the blue bar represents the mower which has performed the best of all the mowers in all generations. But if I gave them all missiles to kill each other with then the dominant mower for each generation would be the one with the most grass cuts and the most kills. Kind of scary!
You'd think that many mowers could take care of the crabgrass.
My fear is that one of the agents will realize the only way to stop the grass from growing is to kill the developer. Hey! That sounds like a good plot (or at least A plot) for a novel. I'll get working on that word processor right away! [smile]

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Yeah good point. I'll see if I can't get a standard lawn mower graphic in there.

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