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Nostalgia...or some other big word...

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I began programming a little over a year ago, and have learned alot since than. I had always wanted to make games, but I didn't have any clue how to do it. Basically, it all started a year ago when I was playing RPG Maker 2.

I was sitting there playing the game, figuring things out. My dad walking into the room, looked at the screen, and said, "If you like doing that, why not just learn to program?" He gave me my first C++ book, "Problem Solving with C++, The Object of Programming, 2nd edition". My dad, who used to be a FORTRAN programmer, helped me with some of the tutorials. I read over most of the book with interest.

I made my first program on Febuary 28, 2004, with VC++ educational edition. I remember that it was the day of the oscars last year, as it was on right next to me. One of the TVs was in the same room as the computer, which started a long tradition of me watching Law&Order while programming.

The first game I made was a short little RPG battle engine. It was pretty cool, and I was quite proud of myself. Then, I made the ultimate mistake. I assumed I knew everything I needed to, and glazed over the rest of the chapters. This set me back awhile in skill. The last text game I made was a little game called NationSim. This would've been a really nice game, if it worked. Sadly, the fact that I didn't know how to do type-cast yet prevented me from making a good tax system for the game.

After NationSim, I took a little time off from C++ to explore javascript. I wrote html and javascript for a little while. In fact, I did make this cool little text javascript game that I was going to put on my website. After finishing Stompy the RPG, which was it's name, I signed up for a Tripod website account. For some reason, my javascript game didn't work on my new website, so I went back to C++.

My first attempt at learning was by reading the book, "Windows Game Programming for Dummies". Now, I consider myself a dummy, and I didn't understand the book, so I want my money back. Actually, I had checked out the book from the library, so I didn't actually pay for it. It was around this time that I discovered GameTutorials.com.

Ah yes, gametutorials. I pretty much downloaded all of their tutorials, and looked at all of them. Sadly, I don't have any of them anymore, I deleted them all. Now, of course, they make you pay for their tutorials. Although I don't much need them anymore, I would really like access to their network tutorials[crying].

I made a couple of games in windows, the best of which was a pong clone. After pong, I pretty much failed one project after another.

That was until I picked up a nice little book called "Game Programming All in One, 2nd Edition" I don't know what it is about second editions, but they seem to be the best. Anyways, I learned Allegro, and started making some actual nice games. I also switched to using Dev-C++, for obvious reasons.

My first Allegro game was a little game called Blaster. You can still see it on my website. Then came the origional Stompy game, which recieved mixed reviews from everyone who played it. Then came Breakoutz, which is a breakout clone.

Recently, I switched from Tripod to Freewebs. I also got a GDnet+ account, as you can tell.

That's about it. Hope I get better within the coming year.
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Wow, can't say that I remember my first programming moment. I do remember looking at the credits of Below The Root and being amazed when I noticed that it was actually created by real people. Turing and Visual Basic came in since then and I wasted too much of my time on Visual Basic rather then doing true programming.... Ah well.

If you're looking for some web space, I'd be willing to give you some. I can spare 15 MB through an FTP. My server has PHP installed on it as well which you might really like. I'm looking to start some hosting service on my site soon anyway. Might as well test it out before I go on the market. If you want the space, just create an account on my site (robloach.net) and I'll set it up for you and email you the info. You'll become my official ginny-pig for this [smile].

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I'll definetly consider it. Freewebs and Tripod have been rather limiting for me...

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Hey.... I got kind of restless and set it up for you [smile]. stompy.robloach.net.

FTP: robloach.net
Username: stompy@robloach.net
Password: [PMed to you]

To change the password, you must log into robloach.net here and change it. Once you make the changes, it will slowly feed through the server and change the password for the FTP. Have fun!

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