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Ugh, so I finally have my internet connection back, I can start to function again. Oh, here's that screenshot of my completed BrickOut [EDIT](and space invaders)[/EDIT]:

How do you like it (all bitmaps done exclusively by me. yes, I know, I should do this professionally)? I've been posting alot on the forums and other DevJournals. In the forums I've been doing my best to offer sound advice and in other DevJournals I'm just doing some one-liners or explaining the evils of fraction-math and how they are the devise of every indie project that ever failed.

So as for me, I'm currently in a stasis of what I suppose is the programmer's version of writers block. I've started looking at some 3D Graphics Programming relevent math so I can get a jist of what it's like. It's kind of intimidating, but I'll get the knack of it. I'm not sure if I sould start programming in 3D yet, though. I might be getting in over my head a bit, but I don't know how to progress with my 2D studies. Maybe someone can point me out to a site where I can find some tutorials on side-scroller related 2D programming?

Well, anyhow, I must tend to guinae pigs for now. Lots of work to do, much 3D vector-math to study. More later.

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haha, thanks man. I dont think I gave you the proper welcome!

Welcome to GDNet, friend! Obligatory ratings++.

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