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New toys!

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So I went shopping today (getting up at an ungodly hour.. ugh), and picked up a couple of things.

Firstly, I'm now the proud owner of a handheld dictaphone. It's a Sanyo ICR-B28... this thing is smaller than my phone. (Admittedly I don't have a very small phone).

The idea is that I'll carry the dictaphone (I think I'll call it a 'talky') around with me all the time, and whenever I have an idea, I whip it out and record it. Then, once in a while (or at the end of the day depending on how productive you've been) you type it all up into a database. Not just good ideas, either - any crazy idea. I'm not allowed to edit the idea as I type it in, either - that happens every month or so. It's going to take some getting used to.

I also hunted around for hexagonal paper, but found none - closest I got was isometric. So, got home and fired up OpenOffice... drew my own. I now have three cardboard-backed "game boards" that I can put together to make a larger board; and a load of small hexagonal cardboard game pieces to place on it.

Woot. I think I'll try and invent a board game with it tomorrow.

Oh, I also booked an induction session down at the gym. Gonna go down on Friday, they'll figure out what kind of excercises I'm going to be doing for the next few weeks. If it goes well, I'll be attending it Monday-Friday every week for the next year...
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