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Yep, I can read, too

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In an effort to rediscover my roots, or something along those lines, I picked up the short novel The Five People You Meet in Heaven from Barnes & Noble. It's a fast read (finished within a few hours), but it's filled with feel-good life perspectives and lessons, which are always good to be reminded of. It certainly makes you think, and I like that.

Vacation was very nice. One of the best getaway weekends I've had in a long time. I am refreshed right now, but I think I'll end up taking another vacation within the next month or two. Considering a 5-day Caribbean cruise, but we'll see. Timing has to be good and all that.

Shot a 95 the other day on the golf course. Not bad considering I haven't touched a club in about a month. I need to get back to practicing almost everyday. I was on pace for 80 within a few months when I stopped playing for half a year. Had some nice drives off the tee the other day too.. ranging from 280 to 300 yds and straight with good roll. Guess I got my drive back at least. Now I just need to get my chipping back...should have been sub-90.

On the software front, my day job project is currently undergoing government acceptance testing until the end of next week. On the GameDev front, I'm trying to get myself back into the swing of things. On the book front, I'm working on Powerpoint presentations for BOGLGP's teacher's resource CD. On the hobby development front...nothing right now.
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