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GUI Editor

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Just done a bit more to my GUI Editor for my engine.

Heres a screenie if you're interested. Ignore the broken graphics; I havn't got around to fixing that since I have been concentrating on the mechanics of the editor.

Currently you can:
-Load up previously created windows from SWD (Stak Window Descriptor) resource files for editing
-Save your current window to an SWD resource file
-drag labels around using the cursor by selecting their 'pin' (little green things)
-Drag buttons around by just dragging the button widget
-Move/Transform the window using the cursor
-Change all the captions using the console (havn't yet got a GUI for the GUI Editor per se, just the standard sys.Stak console)
-Use most of the other console commands that are used with the GUI
-Add new labels (through console)
-Add new buttons (through console)
-Remove labels (through console)
-Remove buttons (through console)

-I will add a GUI (other than the console) once I have a complete GUI system setup
-I will add the feature of linking script events to buttons clicks once I have a stable scripting language sorted out
-Make more widgets! (Edit boxes, memos, lists etc.)


Just incase you were wondering how the windows look without broken graphics (This is from in the engine not the editor):

Not quite as bad :)
Over and out, mofos

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