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## Lazteroids 2

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Alright I feel I should give a little info on the project that I am currently working on. I've mentioned here it and there in previous posts, but I will cover most of it here in this post.

When I was in Full Sail, one of our projects was to make a basic game that were comprised of a good guy, a bad guy, and bullets. It was basically our first assignment at a game that wasn't pong. They called it the "Asteroids Clone" project even though it didn't have to be an asteroids clone. Well, being the unimaginitive type, I made ..... An asteroids clone. Thus was born, Lazteroids.

(Screenshots, click to enlarge)

The game is actually pretty fun, and it has some cool music to it. It has its bugs, and in the next version I hope to work those out.

Well, I want to make Lazteroids 2 a cross between Lazteroids and Crimsonland. I like the movement and aiming style of Crimsonland (Move with WASD/Arrows, aim with mouse), so I'm going to do that. I also like the fast paced gameplay of it, which I'm also going to try to implement.

The following is a small game document I wrote up for it, but I'm not sure how close to this I'm actually going to stick, but I'll try to keep it as close to this as possible:

[] Lazteroids 2 []

Create a simple top-town space shooter rendered in full 3D
graphics, as a follow-up to my school project, Lazteroids.

Game Description
You are in charge of any of three ships, and you must fly through
space, eliminating the asteroid threat, while keeping the evil
space alien UFOs at bay. Each ship has a different weapon, each
with three upgrades available, the third being a missile attack.
Progressing through the game will unlock different paint schemes
for your ship. Paint jobs and weapons can be purchased with the
asteroid shards left behind.

Game Mechanics
The player will operate the ship using WASD for movement, and
using the mouse to aim and fire. Primary fire is used with your
left mouse button, and alternate fire (when unlocked) will be
handled by your right mouse button.

In the main game, each round will have a set number of enemies,
every round having 25% more than the previous round. Every 3
rounds you will encounter a "Rush" mode where you have two
minutes to survive an onslaught of oncoming asteroids and UFOs.

The Ships
-[Ship name 1]-

. Primary Fire 1: Alternating fire of two guns
. Primary Fire 2: Alternating fire of four guns, increased
. Alternate Fire: Goofy Missiles

-[Ship name 2]-
. Primary Fire 1: Two machine guns
. Primary Fire 2: Four machine guns
. Alternate Fire: Standard Missiles

-[Ship name 3]-
. Primary Fire 1: Two burst fire guns (three shots per burst)
. Primary Fire 2: Four burst fire guns (four shots per burst)
. Alternate Fire: Chaser Missiles

The Targets
. Floats in space, sometimes breaking into two smaller ones
upon destroying.
. No attacks

-[UFO 1]-
. Wanders around aimlessly, shooting if you get near
. Standard single shot gun

-[UFO 2]-
. Wanders around aimlessly, shooting if you get near, has
longer range
. Three-Burst Gun

-[UFO 3]-
. Set to seek you out and destroy you
. Machine Gun

I don't have much in the way of screenshots, other than these two. One just shows my mouse cursor working and the other just shows model loading working. I promise to have more in the future. Click to enlarge:

So there you have it. My current project, Lazteroids 2.

Super fun happy time:

EDIT: I just now re-read this and fixed some horrible typo and grammatical errors. I apologize for the enrish of my earlier post.
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