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Back to work....

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Well, more work is being done on Stompy. We've got two programmers on this game now, so that's nice. Spudder from BPG is helping with cleaning up the code. He is going to be implementing linked list for the game objects, which I hope will turn out well.

Sadly, I haven't been able to get sound in yet. The program flips out whenever I try to use the Allegro sound routines. I'm thinking about using FMOD for this game, because all of the music has already been done in Mp3 format.

Hopefully will be picking up a new computer this weekend...which is very nice. Looking forward to it.

By the way, I switched back to the Stompy avatar. I felt strange not having it.[smile]
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thats pretty useful to hear cos I havn't even started on sound but was wondering which API direction to go down. FMOD then?

BTW, no need to pity me- i d/led the latest version of stompy. Good quality stuff. Love the shroom cloud when death occurs [smile]. Background has come along since the last version I played- its been a while since i last stompyed.

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Stompy9999.spellingLevel = SECOND_GRADE;


Stompy9999.spellingLevel = KINDERGARDEN;

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You mean:

stompy9999.spellingLevel = KINDERGARTEN;


I hope you realize that you just proved my point.


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