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Action RPG

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Dragon Warrior

i completely forgot to go over the magic spells. well, they're going to work like the items do, you assign them to a button and then press the button to cast. i'm thinking that i'll have their icons in the inventory/spell screen be books with various symbols. let's start by listing them, along with their cost:

Heal 3MP
Firebal 2MP
Sleep 2MP
Radiant 2MP
StopSpell 2MP
Outside 6MP
Return 8MP
Repel 2MP
HealMore 8MP
Firebane 5MP

for every spell you cast, i was thinking we just make it look like the dust is being thrown in the air by a small air circle around you as you cast.. like, arc-sweeps that travel around and away from you - like fred perry does in his gold digger comics, to indicate impacts. i can't find a picture of it, but i'll draw it to show it when i start working on the art. i think they do it that way in street fighter iii..

as you cast it, and for the duration of the spell, you're going to be vulnerable to attack - you can't do anything until the spell is done.

(heal and healmore)

Heal and HealMore obviously heal your character. a shower of shines (many more in the case of HealMore) will go over your sprite and the number of HP you gained back from the spell would pop up in green. if you gained more than you can hold, the number is still shown - you're just capped at your max.

Heal gives around 30HP and HealMore gives around 100HP back. i'm going to want a randomness to it, i'm pretty sure its that way in the game. i'll have to play and record some numbers if i want it exact, but i'm pretty sure i can guess: 24-32HP for Heal, likely, and 96-104HP (maybe a bit bigger range here) for HealMore.


i'm not sure about firebal yet, probably a ball of fire shot in the direction you were moving last? i know that in dw2+, firebal damages a series of monsters, so i could do a half-circle fire arc that would work just like you were swinging your sword, but further away from you. that would cover more ground and be alot more useful than a projectile. if you can never hit with it, you'd never use it. well, you would, but you wouldn't like it.


if we were to go with the fire arc for firebal, then firebane should be a full 360' blast that does more damage. you'd use it alot if you could nail a ton of monsters with it at the same time. i hate missing monsters with higher level spells that do more damage - this takes care of that, its even easier to use than firebal. i'm liking the sound of this ^_^

(fire spell immunities)

the great thing about the fire spells is that they completely ignore DEF. when you hit, you get the spell's full fury every time. gotta like that. unfortunately, some monsters are actually immune to them! i know for sure that Metaly and DracoLord are immune - this is something interesting to go through. [working]

Firebal: 16-19 damage
Firebane: 54-58 damage

ok, i'm having a bit of trouble here. i was assuming that if i hit the first time, it worked always, and if it didn't work the first time, it never worked. well, i fought a Druinlord and man i got confused! firebal wasn't working but firebane was! then i tried firebane a few more rounds and it worked off and on. i'm not sure what that means. i know that the metaly has to be fully immune. i'm pretty sure that the dracolord's 2nd form has to be fully immune too, as well as any of the full dragons. the wyvern took damage but the starwyvern didn't, and as i said before, the druinlord was iffy. i can't test it on golem yet, but i can make that up if i want.

err, well, Dragons take damage from both firebal and firebane, so i can't jump on that one. i'll have to go hunting for Blues and Reds to test it on. also, what about MadKnight and AxeKnight? i'm assuming that everything else should take damage.. well, maybe not the Metal Scorp... [working] AxeKnight is partially immune, as is BlueDrgn. RockGolem and RedDragon are completely immune. DracoLord's first form is partially immune, and surprisingly, so is his second form. i was wrong, but oh wells. i'll talk about the dracolord when we come to the monsters - he's only supposed to be damaged with the Loto Sword.. but not in this game, i guess.


lets move on. when you enter a cavern, you should only be able to see a little bit around you - its going to be dark. when you cast radiant, your view radius increases dramatically; as time passes, the radius recedes - eventually it will shrink back to the start radius. there will be two parts to the circle of light, the inner half (or two-thirds), which will be full light, and the rest, which will be half light. i'm assuming the half-light will just be hatched black and see-through. this ties in with how the torch item works.


we already went through this one last time - with the repellant item.


look up the warp wing item in teh previous post.


fades from screen to black and then to the entrance you used last. (the underground tunnel has two exits, so i gotta specify that) the game plays the 'pluck pluck pluck pluck' noise of your feet shuffling down stairs - might as well keep that one as a nod to the original.

all that's left now is stopspell and sleep. i left these for last because i know the least about these two spells. stopspell obviously stops monster spells and sleep obviously puts them to sleep. the one thing i don't know about them is their duration. how the hell do you figure it out? i'm going to have to wing that. the other thing i don't know is how to figure out if the spell even works. honestly, there's just no indication aside from 'it works better when you're stronger'.

i gotta get some shuteye. i'll think on this at work tomorrow.
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You should make some kind of document out of this when you are done.

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