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H_o_p_s, his soul now rests...

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The Forgotten Mindset


Thursday, May 12, 2005, Jeff Hopkins, otherwise known as H_o_p_s, is pronounced dead.

It seems that he did something so embarrassing at a certain party, that he was tracked down and killed on the spot by a deranged victim of his unknown antics.

He was last heard of from here, on May 2, 2005:
Bad Jokes Thread

Original post by H_o_p_s
Two Irish men walk out of a bar!

Get it? Har! Har! Har! It is almost as funny as:

Two Mexicans drove by in a truck!

Whew.... These were the two big stupid jokes back when I was in HighSchool *Shudder*

Anyone else have really bad jokes?

These words will live with us always. We knew him as both a kind and loving human being who was not afraid of standing up for the truth:
Original post by H_o_p_s

The difference between OSX and the other classic Mac systems is drastic.

In our hearts, he is still with us. From time to time you may hear a gentle voice in the wind, because he is there, and he always will be, forever.
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