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No progress today, spent the day applying for really bad jobs (stocking at Canadian Tire) and setting up my spare Linux PC as a television (now I can use a KVM switch to switch over to terrestrial TV... next project is to get cable into this damn room somehow).

Uhh, tomorrow I will likely be adding a bit more sophistication to the JaMUD system, potentially cleaning up the code. There's a lot of coupling going on in here, and I want to tackle it before I add Python-scriptable NPCs.

I've also written some quickie documentation on how to use JaMUD. I'm told that our very own Toxic Hippo will be writing some sort of sick and perverted chat bot as soon as I expose the bot functionality to the world.

If you want to try looking at the JaMUD core, jamud-0.6 is available (680k). Consider it licensed under the GPL for now; by the time it's ready "for the public" I'll be getting a much more restrictive license in place to keep the gamer kiddies away from it.
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